Morgan Downey| CEO, Money.Net

Morgan Downey is the CEO of Money.Net, which owns and operates Scout Finance.  Scout Finance was founded by Vivek Nasta in 2014 and was acquired by Money.Net in October 2017.  Scout Finance has become Money.Net's mobile product, complementing the firm's existing desktop application and excel addin.  Morgan has an extensive business and product background.  He has a Bachelors Degree in Commerce and Computer Science from the University of Limerick in Ireland where he graduated with Honors.  He worked at Citibank in New York as a derivatives trader after graduating and later joined Bank of America.  He then joined Bloomberg LP where he managed the firms commodity division on global basis which involved managing a technology team as well as budget responsibility for sales, data and news.  After Bloomberg, Morgan had an entrepreneurial itch and began the build out of Money.Net in January 2014.  Morgan is also the author of the bestselling book describing oil markets, titled 'Oil 101'.