Scout Finance gives you the ability to take professional-grade financial information with you anywhere.  

Whether you're in the office or on the move, you have one-touch access to financial statements, analytics, documents, transcripts, call audio, and more.

No credit card or commitment required to get started. 

Higher productivity. Every day. 

Break free from your terminal.  No need to rely anymore on clunky market data terminals, special codes, and slow software. Get the info you need quickly, easily, and from anywhere.

No more printing.  Gone are the days of printing hundreds of pages of filings, financial statements, and presentations. We auto download docs, audio, and data to your device without you having to do anything, making it easy to access critical info when you're on the go.  

The best deal in finance.

At a fraction of the cost.  Whether you are a hedge fund analyst looking for a mobile solution to complement your terminal, or an investment advisor currently stuck using inadequate free tools, Scout Finance provides a professional-grade solution anyone can afford. 

Free to get started.  We have a free option that's always available that gives you access to a certain amount of content each quarter. For unlimited access, our Premium plan is only $19.99/month. As a new user, you get 7 days to try out Scout on an unlimited basis for free. After that, you get to decide whether you want to subscribe or use our free plan.   

Perform professional stock research anytime, anywhere.

Financial data on-the-go.  We give you fast access to key documents, ratios, news, estimates, and financial statements at the touch of a screen.

Created by investors for investors.  Scout Finance was built by a team of investment professionals and experts in mobile technology. We understand both finance and technology, so we know how to deliver you fundamental data and docs in a beautifully designed experience.    


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