A Mobile App Alternative To A Bloomberg Terminal

New Fintech startup, Scout Finance, has just come out with a slick new mobile app for professional investors (iOS only for now – Android to come) that provides key corporate fundamentals and other types of data on iPhones and iPads.

Scout Finance CEO, Vivek Nasta, who calls the new app “an alternative to a Bloomberg terminal at a fraction of the cost,” talked about the company’s new mobile tech platform and the impact it could have for professional investors. 

Benzinga: What is Scout Finance?

Vivek Nasta: We’re trying to make financial information more accessible to professional investors on the go – specifically, those who can’t afford an expensive Bloomberg terminal.

If you think about it, there are not many solutions between a Bloomberg terminal and Yahoo Finance.

The dream we had – my team and I – was to find something in the middle, accessible by serious full-time fundamental investors looking for something in between.

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